Stop complaining and get to work

Imagine you just get off the plane in Thailand.

You take a cab and head to the beach house you rented on Airbnb for the next month. During the road you get an email with income report from the last month. $5,243 from your few niche online businesses (ads and paid memberships), $17,353 from affiliation programs and $1,214 from couple iPhone apps you own. $23,810 in total.

Closing your laptop you realize that you already arrived. Time for a fresh mango juice and a half an hour of snorkeling around coral reef by your house.

Two hours later you’re at your porch talking on skype and recording a podcast with Pat Flynn about his new book. For just this one episode you’ll get around $2000 from sponsors.

OK, enough for today, time to chill. Cold beer at the beach bar seems perfect now.

Sounds nice?

Would you like to have an opportunity to live like this?

Do it. Don’t wait till tomorrow, start today. Start now. Spend 10 minutes on it, but please do it right now. Stop reading this stupid blog post, stop scrolling down Facebook and Twitter and start creating value.

“But I don’t know what to do, where to start.”
“I don’t have time.”
“I’m not smart enough.”
“If only I have a brilliant idea.”

STOP COMPLAINING. I know that taking no action is easier then changing anything. Change requires work. Sometimes for a long time.

OK, I’ll try to help you make your first step.

1. You need an idea? You can find thousands of ideas on Why not using one of them? You can also test your idea there. Just post it and wait for comments. Need a co-founder? No problem, tons of people there to help you with your project.

2. Let’s find out what you’re good at. Open notepad and in one table write down your skills (e.g. programming, playing guitar, speaking Spanish) and in the second one your interests (sailing, travels, video games). Now think about all combinations of items from those tables. What do you get? Guitar course for sailors, ebook about programming for travelers. Voilà! You can generate a lot of ideas that way.

3. Maybe starting a blog is a way for you? Let’s check out how is your writing. Create an account on and write short text about how your usual day looks like (e.g. one day of McDonald employee). Then post it to Facebook and see what your friends think about it. If your job sucks and your usual day is shitty that’s even better. People love reading about those who have it worse.

Now pick one thing from above and make it happen.

99% of people who want to change their lives and build online business and be financially independent don’t even take this step. They don’t want to spend even 10 minutes on their first action. That’s why the remaining 1% have a real chance to succeed.

I want to ask you one thing though. Write a comment about what are you about to do. Show that you are serious about it.

Bogusz Pękalski

Founder & CEO w MailingR, developer, entrepreneur, sailor, gitarist, beer geek, traveler, husband and father.

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