Zero to Hero Report 1 – The beginning


I’m excited to welcome you to my very first Zero to Hero report.

Zero to Hero is a series where I’m building online business from scratch showing you every step of the process. Read more here.

My blogs

Startup My Way is my main blog. First blog post on SMW was published on January 21, 2016 (2,5 months ago). Since then I wrote 5 additional posts and SMW had more then 15,000 page views made by 8200 unique visitors. Currently SMW is not generating any income.

Other stats:

Any ideas how to raise those values? Please share in comments.

I wonder if I should join additional social channels such as:

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Is it worth it? Please tell me in comments. I’d really appreciate it.

I also have a travel blog (in Polish), but it’s not updated very often. Although there’s a lot of cool content there. Maybe I make a use of it one day.

My products

I’ve built a startup called Groopmark.

My pitch line for it is: „Groopmark is a place where you can find groups of best links, picked and described by pros.” The idea behind this was simple. You create groups of similar links and share it with others.


Site is up and running for almost two years now. Unfortunately it’s not growing and most likely I will shut it down soon. I think the scope of it is too wide, it has to be more focused.

But still, I have quite nice platform for building new products on top of it.

I’m planning to write separate blog post about building Groopmark and all experiences which that project gave me. Stay tuned!

My next step

My goal is to build profitable online business, so I need a way to make profit.

What are my options?

1. Pivot Groopmark / move it to a niche.

The idea is to rebrand Groopmark and focus it on a particular topic. For instance:

  • groups of favorites YouTube videos (playlists)
  • place for IT bloggers to promote their content
  • groups of best resources for programmers
  • ? (if you have any more ideas please share!)

2. Build new product

I think about building niche websites with a lot of information about ONE thing. Good content and good SEO can make miracles. 80% of the content would be free and for 20% you would have to pay.

Second option is building a small SaaS product with recurring payments. Something that can resolve real problems and doesn’t cost much.

Creating browser extensions is also a good idea. Like Ed and Harry did with Profile Hopper. In three months they reached $1,000 monthly recurring revenue.

What other products could I create?

  • eBook
  • online course
  • mobile app

Being a software developer works to my advantage. I can build new applications myself or tweak and customize existing ones. It’s a good thing as long as I’m not spending too much time coding, since more coding equals more profit only you’re paid by the hour.

3. Start a podcast and get a sponsor

For 99% I’ll start podcasting (quite soon hopefully). Most of the good podcasts have some kind of sponsorship. Ergo my first step here is to create a good podcast 😉

4. Affiliate

I’m using a lot a tools that I love and can recommend. Why not create detailed articles and tutorials about them and earn something on affiliation programs? If you recommend good products which helps your readers with their problems then it’s a win-win situation.

5. Write a book
Awesome idea! ..but maybe I wait a bit with that 🙂


Do you think these ideas are good?

Where should I start?

Is it possible to make a profit that way?

Let’s brainstorm together in comments!

CEO & Co-founder w Polisa w Chmurze, developer, entrepreneur, sailor, gitarist, beer geek, traveler, husband and father.
  • Let’s brainstorm here a bit 🙂
    Which step do you like the best for me to start with?

    1. Pivot Groopmark / move it to a niche.
    2. Build new product
    3. Start a podcast and get a sponsor
    4. Affiliate
    5. Write a book


    • Alan Watts

      • Actually I want to do everything from the list above 🙂 Money aren’t an object in general. But in Zero to Hero I want to prove that it’s not so complicated to build online business that makes profit.

        I need to start somewhere, question is where? 🙂

        • pawelek

          If Groopmark doesn’t work for mases, it will don’t worl for few people (any gains in my opinion). So think about new product. 🙂

          • I’m not sure about that, it might work in some niche I think. But the problem is how to monetize this idea.

        • Alan Watts

          The real problem which I can see here is that you don’t have any particular idea of what exactly you want to do as „online business”.

          The questions you should ask yourself are:

          1. Which of my private goals I want to achieve?
          2. How it will make other people’s lives beter?

          And then pick an idea which fulfill those questions in most satisfactory way.

          If your goal is „to prove that it’s not so complicated to build online business that makes profit”, then pick an idea which will bring you a profit in a reasonable time… and I think that each of this ideas can do it – but the question is: Will it satisfy you?

          Try to do SWOT analysis for each of this idea – it may help 🙂

          • Thanks for sharing your insights 🙂

            In general I want to build awesome community around my blog and share
            knowledge about online businesses, startups, financial freedom and entrepreneurship. I want to start a podcast, meet a bunch of great, inspiring people, and create a value which would make a difference.

            „Zero to Hero” series ( is just one step in my journey and it’s a way for me and my readers to learn a lot. In that way it does satisfy me.

            „How it will make other people’s lives beter?”
            I’m trying to figure it out all the time! Any ideas? 🙂

          • Alan Watts

            OK. That is a great idea!. Then go another step ahead. What you define by „awesome community”?

            „I want to start a podcast”!
            Then just start it. It is as simple as it sounds. Really!
            All you have to do is just… start doing it 🙂

            „I’m trying to figure it out all the time! Any ideas? :)”
            You already answered this question:
            „create a value which would make a difference”
            If you’ll create a value which will influence someone else’s life in positive way, then you will receive a reward

          • By „awesome community” I mean a group of open, kind, inspiring people who share their knowledge with each other.

            I’m in process of recording my first podcast episode, but it’s quite time consuming.Thanks for motivation though.

            „If you’ll create a value which will influence someone else’s life in positive way, then you will receive a reward”
            Not as easy as it sounds 😉

  • Grzegorz Gołda

    I make some money with Amazon Associates program by writing quality Quora answers with relevant links and Reddit books lists, etc. If Groopmark was nicely positioned for Google Search phrases like „Best books on hacking” or „Best Cthulhu T-Shirts” or 10 best whatever, I would happily pay you for ability to put my lists, as long as they could contain reflinks…

    • Cool idea! I’ll consider it. I think Groopmark can be a good place for online stores to promote themselves. „Best laptops on sale”, „Products with biggest discounts for this month”, „Best selling products”, etc.

      • Grzegorz Gołda

        But you would need to take a burden of positioning on your shoulders. And I guess you would need to moderate lists to keep quality level high.

  • Are you going to set up podcast about programming or more entrepreneur related stuff?

  • Ben

    Are there any news comming regarding this? Are you still on track trying to go from zero to hero? 🙂
    There hasn’t neem am update in quite a while…

    • Hey Ben. I’m still on track and actually there was a big develop in that matter. That’s why there was not much time to share the details with you guys. But I will share, soon 🙂

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