Inspiring talks vol. 1

I love conferences. I love meetups. I love good talks.

No wonder that I’ve seen plenty of them. I’d like to share with you talks that I enjoyed, talks that motivated and inspired me and talks that had impact on my life.

First talk How Polish Startups Can Succeed in Silicon Valley comes from Marvin Liao, partner at 500 Startups, mentor at 20+ Startup Accelerators, board member at 8 companies and ex-Yahoo Executive. Quite an experience on that guy.
Marvin talks about what kind of problems Polish startups have in Silicon Valley and how Polish entrepreneurs should hustle and network. Short, but powerful talk from an awesome guy.

In second video Personal Branding For Startups Yuri Drabent, co-founder of social media agency Lubię to and Creative Director at Isobar talks whether or not startup should have social media strategy and how should it be done.
It’s doesn’t matter if you’re interested in this subject at all, because this session is so awesome that you just need to watch it!

Third talk How great leaders inspire action is quite an old one, but you should not miss it. Simon Sinek, leadership expert talks about how being a great leader can change the way people look at your products. With examples including companies like Apple, Simon introduces you to the golden circle and the question “Why?”. Inspiring!

Let’s watch!

How Polish Startups Can Succeed in Silicon Valley
Marvin Liao


Personal Branding For Startups
Yuri Drabent


How great leaders inspire action
Simon Sinek

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Bogusz Pękalski

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